let your hair be "herself" regardless of what the occasion is

girlfriend’s stylists! one lesson that I learned twice the hard way, is if you are natural and your friend is not, but recommends her stylist to you, make sure she or he knows how to handle natural hair. Please make sure!!! Otherwise you may wind up having a real issue with your friend.

Episode #1- one of my best friends decided as a gift for helping with her sisters wedding she would have her stylist straighten and curl my hair, which I wasn’t to thrilled about because:

really kinda wanted to wear my natural

had my own stylist

iffy about new people doing my hair, especially for special occasions

I figured I’d be nice since it was from my girl and it was free. The results came out real nice just that it took 4 hours!!! Normally the longest it takes for my hair to be fully styled is 2 1/2 hours. My friend claimed it was the style I choose-normal medium size spirals. Here is how my hair works:

10-15 minutes for shampoo
5-10 minutes for condition
15 minutes for hand blow dry
15minuntes under hooded dryer for roots
20-30 minutes to flat iron or straighten
20 minutes to curl or style

Like I said 2 1/2 hours at most and i should know since I’ve gotten my hair styled this way for over a decade. the main culprit-she took almost 1 1/2 hours to dry my hair. Why? Because like most hairstylists, they like to do things their own way, instead of asking how the client normally gets things done (especially if it is someone new). There are some stylists that actually ask & listen & apply what they’ve learned. I actually found one but that is another story. Eventually my best friend stopped going to that particular stylist after the stylist lost her mind and got attitude with her mom. oops!!

Episode #2- Same friend, different stylist. Swears up and down things will be different and mind you this is for another wedding I was helping with. So I go and am not pleased at all. Her shop was cute. It was enough space for her to work one maybe 2 clients at one time, 3 at the most. Because I don’t want to write a novel I decided to make a list of what went wrong.

Had 3-4 ghetto girlfriends there who were not getting their hair done and/or just did and didn”t want to leave
used wrong shampoo & conditioner on hair which caused it to be more dry and brittle
went to lunch with girlfriends for and hour leaving conditioner on my hair and me to answer the phone. then came back and was still eating will doing my hair
didn’t know how to blow my hair so in all my decades of not being tenderheaded, after her I was.
proceeded to press hair without oil or creme because she thought when you go natural you put nothing in your hair.

I left without allowing her to put any curls in my hair. My appt was at 11am, didn’t leave until almost 4pm. thought I could fix her mess but the minute I ran my fingers through it , hair just started shedding from the root. I was devastated. If it wasn’t for having one of my trusty wigs on hand, I would have been a witch the whole wedding. What did make me feel better was knowing my friend was more pissed off than I was. she finally understood and told me that ” I do Natural and that who I am.. it just had to take 8 hours , 2 stylists, ghettoness and shedding to get to that point. she talked to her stylist to let her know I was unhappy. she apologized. come to find out she was pregnant and didn’t know it at the time. Her hormones were all out of wack. That’s not an excuse for all that happened, but I do understand. I’ve been around pregnant stylists…never book an appt around their lunch or nap time or your hair will be jacked!!!

The funniest thing though was that she told my friend she wasn’t aware of how “natural” my hair was. I think to her “natural” meant the new growth that comes after a relaxer, not a whole head a hair. My friend still goes to her and her hair is looking good. Trying to convince her to go natural, but for now she is a no-go. For now!


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