Learn to do your own hair, it’s yours, even it it may seem scary

I learned the 85-100% of going natural was to include me learning how to do my own hair. By “do” I mean shampoo, condition, deep treatments and styling. It seems like it should make sense to do that, but I’ve realized I had become so accustomed to going to a stylist that I did not have a clue of what to do. It takes patience, research & experimentation. there are some women that know that. Then there are some who like to always ask the same questions like ” who did your twists?” even though you’ve told them 100 times you do your own. That’s they’re way of allowing you the opportunity to offer your styling services to them! They also say things like “I could never be able to style my hair like that .” I don’t mind doing peoples hair if they just come right out and ask. I ask people to cornrow my hair all the time. I’ll even give a teaching example to people, just only to those who have attempted to try, not those who are just lazy. I must admit it can be somewhat scary to style your own hair while natural because you really don’t know what the turn out might be. I believe that’s why alot of women want to go natural but don’t. They don’t know what their hair will look like or don’t know what style will fit their face or personality. It takes time and patience and research and alot of good friends!!!

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