Snow Day

So today was a snow for us who are in NE.  I took the time to catch up on some sleep, shop, cook, plan out living product for next month and figure out what I want to do the NomadicBody anniversary in April.  So I have decided that the meetup will be at a Moroccan restaurant on either the 13th or 20th of april which are Saturday’s and it will be early evening maybe 6 or 7 pm ( I try not to eat after 8pm).. So just thought I would keep you Nomads posted.  Oh yeah, there will be prizes for :

Most places traveled, Most languages fluently spoke ( meaning more than just greetings), Best Ethnic Outfit…

Also the meetup would be a good time to talk about getting together do see what DIY’s you’ve been doing as well as workshops we can do together in the summer or fall of this year


Thella ( pronounced Ta ella)

means Take Care in Moroccan



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