never an off day

So today I’m off at my regular job, to go spend time doing my dream job, gardening.  Even when I’m not gardening, I’m thinking about it..different plants to work in landscapes, taking mental pics everytime I drive around in a neighborhood.  One lady at work asked me, ” so what are you going to do with yourself when the snow hits?”  without hesistation I answered ” plan”.    Gardening is hard work, it’s not just about planting flowers as most people think, but taking care of the soil, choosing the right plants for the right place, maintenance and patience.    Hmmm..sounds like the same concept that I have tih eating and  Interesting how working with nature can teach you how to care of yourself.

teaching the babies




created my own website for free!!!!!!

the link to it is under the Abraham’s Seed page

what have I been doing

I have been trying to work on a blog/webiste for natural haircare in Ne as well as gardening my butt off.  I am exhausted but happy and making money and learning at the same time. here is a pic of what i’ve had to takcle, The Before.