Hi 35 this is Laura Croft

so my nomads just to let you know I don’t celebrate birthdays.  I did ( or am) having an eventful month since turning 35 a few days ago.  Lost 10 pounds, broke a bra, got food poisoning which came along with massive diarrhea, that caused me to lose too many electrolytes too fast so started to blackout but walking into the door and busting my eye open woke me up.  didn’t need to get stitches just my skin glued back together, Methodist emergency room is the best, my mom is the best mom ever and Princess Lalani ( my piggers )is a trooper.  HI 35, nice to meet you, my name is Laura Croft a.k.a Tomb Raider …I’ll be kicking your butt this year! (with help from Princess Lalani)



2013 blog hiatus

As you have noticed lately I havent been blogging  a lot because I have a lot of mental and physical spring cleaning I need to do.. I also garden on the side and have several houses that need some maintenance.. So I will be going on a blogging hiatus until maybe mid to late summer.. If there are any events or news that is blog worthy I will relay them to you. Thanks for your past and future support see you soon at the dinner upcoming on april 13.


Ciao Nomads

Sadness and I liked the Maldives……

maldives seamaldives1


click on this link..you don’t have to sign the petition but awareness is needed..We live in a world where demonic thoughts run rampant and we could be running right along with them if we don’t stay alert… the amount of rape crimes around the world and especially in this country are increasing at a staggering rate, as if it is the new form of pickpocketing..and sadly it is getting treated as pickpocketing..Like I mentioned some may not want to sign the petition for personal reason that I am aware of but if all you can do is direct this link to those who you know can help, that is more than what those in that country can do …




Global Meetup @ Marrakech Gourmet

gettin down moroccan style

gettin down moroccan style

so for those of you who subscribe you know I’ve been planning this for a while

here are links to the restaurant and reviews



April 13, 2013 @ 5pm

Prizes for best  ethnic costume, Most places traveled, most languages  spoken

see you soon