Good Sunflower Morning!!!!

Get some sunflower seeds( not David’s but from a nursery) and get to planting

International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day 1 May 2012

going to restart my plant hair theroy project again

1st day of Autumn 9/22/2010

It’s fall!!!  It’s time to start cleaning up and putting plants to bed and protecting curly tresses

For Plants

Every time you cut a stem or branch of a plant, you are pruning. Pruning wounds plant tissue. If the cut is clean, pruning can stimulate the growth of more foliage and flowers. But a jagged cut or one made with a dull blade can damage the stem, slowing growth and inviting insects and diseases to enter the wound. Ensure that the plant recovers quickly by using high-quality tools.

Deadheading removes spent flowers and stems. It freshens plants by by reducing the amount of brown that is visible, and it often promotes rebloom when the spent flowers are removed before they set seed.. to deadhead, clip spent flowers and stems just above a good sized leaf.
When perennials finishing blooming, their foliage often looks worn out. Cutting back perks them up, replacing worn-out foliage with new. Some perennials tolerate being cut back hard ( to the ground). Your garden will look neater over winter, and weeding around plants will be easier. Also by removing debris and infected materials from a bed, you reduce the incidence of disease.

For Hair
Trimming ends are necessary when they are damaged.  That’s it.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist.  Everybody is in debate over whether you should trim or not; and that is normal since most who are African Americans where raised with the beliefs that cutting hair is wrong if you want to achieve length.  If you want to achieve length take care of your ends by protecting them, with proper hair techniques and tools.  And when they split or get frayed or whatever, cut them off.  There is no product that can reseal split hair permanently. 

Make sure you stock up on various scarves and accessories that help with protective styling over the cold months, so you won’t feel bored with the same hair style for months.  Get a good supply of deep conditioner and moisturizers, before bad weather comes and you find yourself snowed in without your favorite product.

Six Healthy Hair Habits to Start Now

Ditch the stress. Excess stress and worry can cause hair loss and lackluster locks, so meditate, do yoga, take a walk, or enjoy a cup of calming tea.

Chill Out.  Rinse shampoo and conditioner with very cool or cold water to tighten pores, tighten the cuticle and enhance the shine.

Get a trim.  Get clipped every 2 to 3 months to remove frizzy, split, frayed ends.

Cover up.  Wear a hat lined with satin or silk, to protect your hair from drying and color altering sunlight

Minimize heat.  Hair fries when dried quickly with a blow dryer set on high, so use the blow dryer only at it’s lowest setting ( it may take longer to dry but it is worth it)  Curling and flat irons should be used to a minimum.  Excessive heat ruins the health of the cuticle.

Balance that diet!!!  Feed your hair with a diet full of hair essentials: protein, biotin, iron, iodine, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids.