Hi 35 this is Laura Croft

so my nomads just to let you know I don’t celebrate birthdays.  I did ( or am) having an eventful month since turning 35 a few days ago.  Lost 10 pounds, broke a bra, got food poisoning which came along with massive diarrhea, that caused me to lose too many electrolytes too fast so started to blackout but walking into the door and busting my eye open woke me up.  didn’t need to get stitches just my skin glued back together, Methodist emergency room is the best, my mom is the best mom ever and Princess Lalani ( my piggers )is a trooper.  HI 35, nice to meet you, my name is Laura Croft a.k.a Tomb Raider …I’ll be kicking your butt this year! (with help from Princess Lalani)



Wanderland Wednesday: Local Massage

According to a survey by The Reader, the best places to go for a Massage in Omaha is

Readers’ Choice Best of the Big O: Massage Envy

Readers’ Choice: Omaha School Of Massage Therapy

Readers’ Recommend: Ashley Lynn’s

Readers’ Refer: Creative Hair Design, Karmic Healing and Massage, Massage Heights, Oasis Massage

The only one that I have been to is the Omaha School of Massage Therapy.  I like it because you get to choose between a graduate or student.  Students are more careful because I believe it counts toward their grade.  It is also cheap!!!